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What the settings mean

Bundle settings allow the host to fine-tune details about how a bundle's content is served.

The mount setting specifies the URL path where the zip file contents will appear. The default value of "/" indicates the files will be served at the top of the origin.

The prefix setting specifies the directory within the zip file to serve. The default value of "/" indicates the files from the root of the zip file will be served. It may be helpful to change this setting if an authoring tool or zip command added the content to a subdirectory in the zip file such as "build", "public", "_site", etc. so that links serve content from that subdirectory.

The dirindex setting specifies the file to be served when navigating to a directory. The default value is "index.html" which assumes a link to a directory such as "/foo/" should be served as "/foo/index.html". This can be helpful for static site generators which assume a web server will provide this feature but can cause problems for SPA routers which expect full control over rendering. Set this to "" to disable this feature.

The ignore setting specifies a function which can prevent unwanted files from being served. If the function returns true the corresponding zip file won't be served. The default shows how to avoid serving undesirable .DS_Store files.

The mimetype setting specifies a function to return the "Content-Type" for served files.

The playground window will report any syntax errors in the settings. If there are no syntax errors, pressing Apply will rescan the zip file using the edited settings. Errors in scanning are collected up to the specified Errors limit and reported in lieu of zip content.

The settings may be restored to their default values with Default.
When updating a bundle settings may be reset to previously saved values with Reset.
If there are no errors, the zip entries are paginated as specified by the Items/page setting.


Members with access to the bundle are shown below. The host may share or unshare a bundle with a member.