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About: Contributing

Version 1

Those interested in Securepub to the point they would like to contribute to it are encouraged to fork the code and play around with it to their heart's content keeping in mind that it's something of a research experiment. Many parts were built from a desire to satisify the author's curiousity and see what would happen if things were put together in a certain way.

Securepub version 1 was built out of a desire to make something useful while providing the author experience learning the challenges of building browser-based applications with the tools it uses. It's a place where the author tried lots of crazy things that would never make sense in a project with more traditional goals. Many ideas were tried and abandoned. Various dead ends were intentionally followed to better understand them. Much effort went into comments. Very little was spent on proper commit messages. A lot of time was spent on experimentation. Very little was spent on unit tests. A great deal was learned along the way but there's still a long way to go.

No significant changes to the architecture or technology stack are planned for version 1.

Version 2

Once work on version 1 is complete, the author hopes to begin work on version 2 which could be a more welcoming place for contributors.

The architecture of version 2 will be changed significantly to support functionality such as

  • local-first operation
  • a greater selection of secure cloud providers
  • a more conventional user interface
  • drag and drop document sharing without requiring zip
  • better interoperation with internationalization tooling

The author would like those interested in contributing to Securepub to think about what they would want to see in it.