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Design: Requirements

Securepub strives to meet the following requirements:

  1. No unencrypted engagement data in the cloud

    Many organizations offer services making it trivial for users to share their data provided they also surrender their rights. Users are enticed by convenience and cost into letting organizations mine, sell and use their private data without understanding the ramifications. They are also often fooled into providing the sensitive data of others as well without realizing the long-term difficulties this can cause them.

    History has shown users' data will be misused whenever it's easy or profitable for evil individuals in organizations to do so. Even those not engaging in bad practices themselves often leave their users' data unprotected and at the mercy of thieves who steal and sell it to criminals. The technology and infrastucture enabling bad and dark business practices is vast and well understood. The world has no need for more.

    What we need are applications which incorporate convenient and low cost mechanisms like client-side encryption to ensure private data always stays safe and secure by default. We need applications to make it infeasable and unprofitable to misuse data which ends up in unauthorized hands.

  1. The host provides the content for review

    While in theory a future version of Securepub might remove this requirement, in the current version as a simplifying assumption only the host of an engagement can provide the content reviewed by other members. All members know it is the host's responsibility to ensure the quality, accuracy and legitimacy of the content they share.

  1. Guests can only review content shared with them

    Securepub must ensure guests can only review the content the host has shared with them. The host can upload and revise content bundles as much as they like knowing that guests cannot access it until it is ready.

  1. Guests can review some content without agreeing to any terms

    Securepub gives the host the opportunity to help alleviate the information asymmetry ↗︎ in an engagement by encouraging them to share terms, conditions and sample content with guests. This way guests may make better decisions when they participate in the engagement. Securepub allows all members an opportunity to examine the metadata of content shared with them allowing them to better judge whether or not an engagement is worth their time.

  1. Guests have to agree to terms to review restricted content

    Securepub enables the host to share confidential information with guests knowing that guests won't be able to review it without agreeing to keep it confidential and use it only for the intended purpose.

  1. All members may create discussion topics

    While only the host may share content for review, the host has no special authority when it comes to topics. All members can create and freely discuss topics with or without particpation of the host.

  1. Members can only discuss topics shared with them

    The creator of a topic decides who will take part in that topic's discussion. Members can choose subsets to discuss things they deem too sensitive for the entire group.