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Accepted Member
A member who has accepted their invitation.
Accepted members must provide their credentials when they join the engagement with their invitation link.
An id identifying a Userbase account and application.
Each AppID provides a separate space for the users and databases managed by Userbase.
A zip file containing content to be reviewed.
Bundle Metadata
The names, approximate sizes and content types of files within a bundle.
Bundle Settings
A javascript object set by the host to fine-tune how a bundle is served.
A short bit of text a member may add to a topic discussion.
The Userbase username and password accepted members need to join their engagement.
The host chooses their credentials when they create the engagement.
Other members choose their credentials when they accept their invitation.
A collection of Userbase users and databases managed by Securepub.
Goatcounter ↗︎
A service providing privacy-friendly web analytics.
The user who creates and manages an engagement.
Members include bundles when they review a topic.
Invitation Link
An HTTP URL used by members to join an engagement.
Invited Member
A member who has not yet accepted their invitation.
Invited members join the engagement using insecure invitation links.
Logging into an engagement using an invitation link.
A user who participates in a Securepub engagement.
The /_v1.2401_/ or /XX/_v1.2401_/ prefix of URL paths reserved by Securepub.
A host pre-secures an invitation link by signing in with it and changing its password.
Restricted Bundle
An bundle which can only be reviewed by accepted members.
Members review bundle content for a topic by opening the topic URL in Securepub.
This collection of Single Page Applications which enable small groups to review and discuss private information stored in Userbase.
Service Worker ↗︎
A mechanism to intercept and service requests using the web browser's cache.
Single Page Application (SPA) ↗︎
A web application or website that interacts with the user by rewriting the current web page.
An item describing a URL within bundle content.
Members a topic is shared with may read and discuss the topic's comments.
Unrestricted Bundle
A bundle which invited members may review without accepting their invitation.
Userbase ↗︎
A service which offers secure end-to-end encryption for browser-based applications.
Zip File ↗︎
An archive file in the ZIP format containg one or more files or directories.