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About: v1.2401: Known Issues

Securepub v1 Release 2401 has the following reported issues.

This list is updated when issues are reported or fixed and when new information about them becomes available.

Open Issues

There are currently 3 reported issues.

Service Worker race

When reviewing a topic, the service worker serving the secure origin may receive content requests before the main thread has finished sending content added to it, causing the review page or iframe to show a spurious error when the content isn't found in the worker's cache but refreshing the frame or page a moment after the error often succeeds.

The problem is the main thread assumes it can transition to the topic content immediately after it has sent the bundle content. Instead it should wait until it receives an indication from the worker that all the content has been cached before transitioning to the topic URL.

Invited member topic review not disabled when restricted

When a member who hasn't accepted their invitation tries to review a topic with a restricted bundle, the underlying Userbase operations will fail because the member won't have been granted permission to access the corresponding Userbase database.

Instead of allowing the user to attempt something they can't yet do, the interface should disable the review buttons and show a message indicating they can't review the topic with the restricted bundle until they accept their invitation.

Momentary error message for some operations

Sometimes when a user updates a member or topic they will see a transient validation warning (e.g. their values aren't unique) because of an error in the Elm validation logic.

Closed Issues

There are currently no closed issues.