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How it works: Obtaining a Userbase AppID meta

Every Securepub engagement requires a Userbase App ID.

If you do not have one, you may obtain one from the Userbase website:

The instructions and screens below are to help you with the setup process.
While Securepub is an application which uses Userbase, it is otherwise unaffiliated.

Please note

  • You do not need a distinct App ID for each engagement.
  • You are free to use the same App ID for as many engagements as you like.
  • You are responsible for your Userbase App ID and account and
    agree to abide by the Userbase terms of service ↗︎.
  • You may edit, update or delete your account from the Userbase edit account ↗︎ page.
  • You will need a Userbase subscription if you exceed the limits of the Starter plan.

Creating a new admin account on Userbase

When you press the above button your browser should open a new window.

You will be prompted for a name, email and password as shown below

Create a new admin account

If you are already logged into your Userbase account you will instead see your Userbase Admin Panel

Userbase Admin Panel

Your App ID will be shown in the Userbase Admin panel after you press Create Admin:

Userbase - Admin Panel

You can use the App ID of the Starter App for your Securepub engagement.